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Vincent DiFrancesco is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and experimental producer. His music consists of multiple layers of recorded electric violin, viola, and other string instruments and samples. Much of Vincent’s work stems from an appreciation for the value of silence and observation. He enjoys creating soundscapes and deep ambience, focusing mainly on colors, harmony and beat remaining simple so that textures can be explored. His first EP, “Place”, is an acoustic work, and each track is accompanied by a field recording conducted by the artist in midcoast Maine, USA. His second EP, “Boreal”, was inspired by a longing for the sounds and poetic shapes of nature’s winter. Vincent also collaborated with Evergreens for a collection of three improvised pieces called “Weightless" recorded live for viola and piano. In January 2019, his third multi-track release, “Fold”, will be streamable everywhere.

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