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You will get access to exclusive extra artwork and scenes released during the off-season time that no one else gets, including wallpapers and a first look at the next season of VSP comics! 


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About Violet Suzette Productions


So what is VSP?

VSP or Violet Suzette Productions is an indie publisher and content production label. We publish books once in a blue moon, but our main thing is making comics for web and for print. 

We have already made some great things with your support! Here are the wonderful stories we've made in 2019!  

Across Worlds - 
When two teenagers from different universes meet unexpectedly and swap phones, they decide to figure out the mystery that bound them together, in the hopes that they may meet once again. Click here to buy Across Worlds print edition.

Spice It Up! Volume 1 & 2 - Three young people come together to form a polyamorous trio, dealing with the troubles of love, life, and people. We completed Volume 1 and we're currently releasing Volume 2, and we started selling merch on redbubble with your support! Your guys made this happen!

Recollections of the Unforgivable -
An SS spy is sent to the town of Verfolgebel in the winter of 1944 to hunt and kill an american, but the town is not what it seems. Errol will soon learn why the people who wander into that cold, haunted town never leave with their lives.

So what can we expect in 2020? 

Currently there are 3 big projects planned for 2020, including the continuation of Spice It Up! We also have another Webtoon planned, and a manga-inspired comic for print and eReader. With your support, we can make these projects a success! 

Spice It Up! Volume 3 - Saul, Ginger, and Sage face the joys and trials of the holiday season as a polyamorous trio celebrating their first Christmas together! With more love and support from you guys, we can do Volume 3! Your support means more pages of Spice, more cool merch at better prices, and more adorable poly fun!

Heartstrings: Issue 1 - Heartstrings follows the story of Connor Orpheus and Seraphina Eurydice, two young people who fall deeply in love with one another. When Seraphina disappears from the universe, Connor embarks on a journey that will take him across worlds, through time, and even beyond dreams. He'll stop at nothing to reunite with her. **Set in the Across Worlds multiverse!

Ashfall - A lonely princess tasked with saving the world from the apocalypse. A mysterious knight who seeks to destroy a great evil. These two stories become intertwined by the threads of destiny, and will shape the futures of all who live in the world. Can they bring salvation to a dying world, or are they cursed to succumb to bitter fate? 

Who makes up the VSP team and what do they do?

Dillon - I am the founder of VSP, one of two writers, the editor, and the producer. I handle all of VSP's social media, the patreon, the discord, and the email. I am the writer for Across Worlds, ROTU, Ashfall, and Heartstrings. I edit the videos VSP makes and shoot them. Basically, I am a jack-of-all-trades and I have a hand in everything VSP does! 

Aurora Fantasia - The princess of VSP, she is a writer and assistant, who handles the PR elements of VSP when Dillon's busy with writing. She is the writer for Spice it up! and the top moderator in the discord.

Our artists are a team of contractors working on each specific comic and they are doing a wonderful job. 

Why should I give you my money?

As we said, our artists are all contractors. Whilst D and Aurora are perfectly content to work for your praise and lovely comments, the artists must be paid in advance. That's the nature of the business. We're trying to turn VSP into a successful and profitable studio so we can make more comics and more books for you guys to enjoy, but we need your support. 

If we are going to successfully put out all 3 of our big projects for 2020, we need your help. We set a goal of $200 a month in the patreon. That will cover all the current costs we have. The rest can hopefully be made up by the Across Worlds and merch sales.  

By supporting VSP, you will help bring these comics to life, and provide funding that can be used to:

- Pay the artists, allowing them to dedicate more time making higher quality work for the comics 
- Expanding our reach, and creating cool merch that you guys will love

The more you support us the more we can provide for you. And your generosity will never be forgotten.

What do I get?

Other than our unending gratitude, by supporting us you will get to see the content we make earlier than anyone else, and lots more listed in the tiers. We're working hard so that you feel like your contribution to our patreon is "worth it". Our patreons will get the first look at merchandise as it comes up, the first look at new projects, and long time supporters will get lots of freebies!

For more updates and information, either watch the Patreon, check our website , or visit us here:
$28 of $200 per month
We will be extremely grateful. Just this amount will make a massive difference in our lives and in our ability to bring you wonderful new things.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts
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