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Everything in lower packages plus: I will announce new songs, any online performances ( Meerkat, Stage it, Periscope, etc) or local performances in my Patreon stream, before publicly posting them anywhere else. I will follow you on My personal page on Facebook & Twitter I will be using my Patreon stream to figure out song choices, help vote on future music, and getting input from you on adding new reward ideas
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YOUR NAME in the scrolling credits at the end of EVERY VIDEO ! Because you are making my dreams come true, AND helping me feed my kids! And being an angel of the highest type! So you'll see your name everywhere :)

Also at this level, you get free sheet music for every new song that comes out AND an mp3 download!!




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About Ariella Music אריאלה צייטלין

hey youll!

Thank you so much for making your way to my Patreon page. I am a violinist, arranger and singer, with some really big plans for the future and that's why I've invited you here-because I'm inviting you to be a part of it all!

My intention since the day I began making music was to create art that makes people feel good. To create songs and videos that entertain and inspire people and challenge me as an artist. 

Your support means the world to me, and I can't thank you enough. I am so lucky to have fans like you, and every day you are making the world a better place by being involved in my music.

I have ideas for videos that will inspire you in so many ways. Realistically, I plan on releasing probably not more than 1 video per month. But you can always set your monthly maximum so you will never be charged more then your set budget. I also have come up with some pretty cool rewards for you patrons, you can find all those details below.

Love you all!!!


It's a platform where you can give me a tip per "big thing" (definition below). It can be a dollar, or more if you want, but basically whenever I come out with some new and awesome project, you tip me. When I play on the street, you would throw some money in my case, and so when I play on the internet, if you like it, !  It helps to create more awesome videos for you, and really shows me your love. And of course, you can stop at any time!

The more I access the power of the internet, the more I want to give to you! To give you music, and lift you up and  hopefully make you feel good. And I am so limited in what I can accomplish on my own, so here's where your amazing, dazzling self comes in.

So-Pledging to help me make music means you are joining me in my musical process. That means that not only do you have my unwavering devotion and love, and that you are helping me take steps to success. Every dollar counts and brings more music into the world!


A big thing is when I put effort into production beyond just that. A "big thing" is when I create a produced track, or with a professional video team (when I reach my NEXT goal of $500).

 I'm so happy to make music for you! Because creating happiness is my number one goal in life, and I see that I can really do that with my music! So I'll keep all my little projects coming, but also I want to make bigger projects-and bigger projects are "big things".

Realistically, probably not more than once a month. I have a family-an amazing husband and 2 awesome kids. They take up a lot of my time. And performing and teaching and arranging and recording also takes time. So, Basically,whenever I can get all the pieces together. You can set a monthly cap on your donation to begin with, so you never go over what you originally wanted to pledge, and of course you can stop donating or change your pledge whenever you want. No strings.

Thank you so much for even considering it, because even a dollar is one step closer to helping me on my way.

I  would be eternally grateful for any help that you could give me in order to help me to continue making music and bringing whatever light I can into the world.

Thank you for coming to my Patreon and have an awesome day

$138 of $200 per Big Thing
Professional Recordings!! 
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