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Money is not the goal here, but being apart of this family you understand the dream, passion, ambition, love, devotion, and the journey. Anything and everything is greatly appreciated. Welcome to the family~

  • What happens next: Access to my Patreon feed and connect with the community personally on here.
  • Gratitude: 100% Gratitude and love for your support. We will only continue to grow because YOU allow us to.
  • Content:  Access to all of Virtual Conquest Video & Podcast content early!!!!
  •  Access  to Discord Channel: You gain access to the Patreon only discord. Here is where we will build our family (the community). All Patreon members will be able to talk to one another and continue to spread positivity behind the scenes.
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Being a noble in the family is a great role. Not only have you dedicated more but you now part of this families protector. And of course, with a bigger role comes more rewards on your end~

  • First to know my Ideas: On Patreon I will post some of my new creation ideas to hear what some of your feedback is on the topic. 
  • Snapchat Group: You will be added to the Virtual Conquest snap chat group to receive updates and chat with other fellow Paladins from this tier.
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Only so many can rise to the top of the ranks. Your mind is pure and the goal is always set before you. As a knight you will start to learn more about the family and their place in the world. Even a knight can come up with some of the most brilliant ideas~

  • Podcast Ideas: At this tier you will be able to submit your personal ideas for consideration in future podcasts. This will be a Discord & Snapchat only group with others at this tier level. 
  • Wrist Band: You will also receive your very own VC wrist band of your choice in color! Options are Red, Blue, Green, Grey, & Black!



About Virtual Conquest

Virtual conquest vision is to bring you amazing content and positivity. We will discuss anything from video games, computers, new software, and much more. The meaning "conquest" is our journey to help as many people as we can with our content. If you are a patreon of ours you will be able to hear the content before anyone else in the world!  

Also we will be creating bonus content called "Side Stories". This content non related to the virtual world so you can learn more about our personal feelings and how we plan to help people through daily life experiences. Side stories, for a better understanding of this we truly believe in helping people. The side stories will consist of interviews with people relating to their current lives, talks about confidence building, stories of the creator behind Virtual Conquest and much more. The virtual world and helping people are both two very big topics we are passionate about so why not do both? We are very excited to be this mix of virtual love to spread to the world, and we hope that you enjoy our content as much as we do!

Soon we will be starting to create our own story. A Storytelling EBook! This will be an audio version and a readable version of this content. In the audio version this content will be acted out by people as if you were really there in the moment! Virtual Conquest will be working very hard to bring you this content as soon as possible. So please stay tuned and great ready for the show~
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