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About Virtual Fusion Systems


Our vision is to create a first-person survival role-playing sandbox exclusively for PC, with focus on realistically simulated environments and intuitive and fluid gameplay.

About the game

For a detailed description of the game we wish to make, please see our first post.

Why Patreon?

We're using patreon for funding, since we do not have the resources to fully realize this ourselves, we hope to eventually be able to quit our day-jobs to solely work on this project. We've wanted to work on this project full-time since time-immemorial.

Another option for us would be to use Kickstarter or contact a publisher to hear if they'd be interested in helping us with funding the game. The reason that we haven't done that is because we don't believe the game is developed enough to start a Kickstarter campaign, and we're not sure that a publisher would be interested in accepting a project that consists of a team of 4 freshly educated developers with only a bare-bones game. If a publisher or larger studio does see this Patreon page and is interested they're of cause welcome to contact us.

Regardless of whether you wish to support this, we're going to use our spare-time to develop the game, and you'll be able to see status updates here on regular basis. Where we will showcase new features and publish a new build that everyone can play. However, when the game reaches a certain level of value, we expect to lock down access to those builds so that only our patrons can play them.

Last-updated: 7th of May 2018.
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Create a website with a forum where we can discuss the development of the game, where our patrons can give their input and feedback.

We're probably going to do this at some point anyway, but if we start getting donations we will prioritize this for our patrons.
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