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I am always in process!  There's a lot of fun content created that never gets shared.  Tell you what though...if you contribute at this level I'll email you regular behind-the -scenes screengrabs and shots. 
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$100 is no small change where I come from.  If you are at this level let's have some straight talk and chat via Skype. You can ask whatever you'd like about the creative process, upcoming interviews, etc.  15-20 minutes!




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What's vital to our survival?  What are the signs that we can be better than we have been? There are brilliant and inspiring individuals working hard right now to make the world a better place through environmental science, volunteerism, discovery and thought.  I'll be bringing their stories to life via videos and podcasts of the audio from those videos.  

You've likely never heard of them and yet, they are on the front lines of the environmental and social challenges we are all facing.  Who are these people?  What inspires them?  What gives them hope?  

I am an award winning film maker who will be creating this content for you to watch, listen to and share. You can find out more on my main WEBSITE

Your patronage will make it possible for me to produce the Vital Signs so that the content can be shared with schools, scholars, universities and anyone who wants to hear the truth...and hopefully hear some good news.  It takes a LOT of time, resources and energy to bring these stories to life, so at the very least SHARE them with others.  At the MOST please consider being a monthly Patron here on Patreon and contributing to keep this cool thing going.

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I am an award winning doc film maker and video editor who started VITAL SIGNS to deliver high value Q+A interviews with people who are leading enviro-social movements and actions.

I'm essentially a video journalist, delivering long form interview (10-20 Minutes long) content 2-4 times per month.  The content is released on my Youtube Channel and in podcast format.

It's easily a full time job so your monthly support is literally what makes it possible for me to do this work. Your $ supports content that is timely, thought provoking, educational, informative and ideally - hopeful about the future.  

I can't think of more valuable work to be doing.  Any contribution amount is worth making and will be put to good use.

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