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Thanks for supporting me! Here doing this might not be much but it is a great way to start, you can gain access to some of the private book sharing video I do.
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Thanks for supporting me! Here doing this would help me in college for a while- And you are alloted into an automatic draw of a Chinese Translated book that is read by millionaires, and you gain benefit of the private book reading session of course.

Even this is small support ,it is a drop of water to the pine and I would accept it with grateful spirit, with this you can also ask me one question/month and get my response:)(ANYTHING!)

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Wow, you are such a dedicated person that crave for more knowledge for sure. I admire that spirit so you are in the beginner General level! I would share books, podcast that is read by millionaires, and you can ask me 1 question/ month through a video call!:)(Get a full response and full attention from me)

Also gain benefit of the private book reading session, podcast, and first hand of information, right to comment of course.




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About Vitaming(College, Success, Knowledge)

Hi! I am just a college student from Hong Kong, China. That is highly enthusiastic in preserving our culturally rich environment, motivating and educating people with contents I can reach(Books(Chinese books like 道德经-Tao De Ching, Analect from Confucious(孔子论语), Busines books from ancient China businessman(资治通鉴)and more

Bi-Weekly Plus Ultra Challenge
Book reading summaries
Study tips for international students
Memorable videos to enhance memory
Eating vlog to stay slim

I also do monthly summary and translation of TEDx Talks from all over China, Hong Kong, Taiwan translated to English summary, TEDx had done a great job in providing people access to talks, yet with modern days declining focus, our teenagers(Who needs it most) are not exposed to them!

(At least people around me didn't know) and letting others know the Unlimited Potential of Life is the goal of my life and this account here!

YOUR SUPPORT IS NOT HELPING ME, BUT OUR FUTURE GENERATION'S KNOWLEDGE. Thank you for your generous support in advance!
I hope these videos will give you not only new points and perspectives from summaries of wisdom from books, but also give you fresh views on books and life from a different, more globalized perspective! Hope you can support me and give back to me as I am doing this on behalf of extremely expensive college tutition in US(25K for a year..., No Scholarship..)
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Support me living in minimalist level to sacrafise time and create something hopefully is useful to you:)
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