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Hello :)

We are a duo of writers that specialize in Erotica, Romance and FanFiction

Yo, I'm Vivien, a plotter
My writing consists mostly of original erotica and romance. There's just something about close relationship that does it for me. (Don't ask me why, I'll swamp you with reasons :D)

But I specialize in creating worlds, nations, characters, storylines or any other aspects of a story. It doesn't matter if it's for a novel, a game, comic, or anything that needs it. I just love making reasons why two nations have to butt heads, but I never want to write it.

There's just something about making experiences for people that does it for me, but I'm not as good at writing them past the plotting stage, That's where Cat comes in.

Hi, I'm Cat, a pantser.

I write mostly FanFiction, but I have a lot of original works too :)

I'm very fond of writing and literally throwing up my feelings, ideas, experiences and imagination on the paper. (I'm better at that than Vivien, lol :D) Though, It's a pain in the ass to structure, edit and make sense of all the intertwining thoughts. That's why I paired up with Vivien, since she's better at that than me.

The FanFiction characters/pairings I'm closest to are: Timberly (Kim/Trini from Power Rangers); Cranscott (Jason/Billy from Power Rangers) Harry/Hermione; Hermione/Draco; Fleurmione (Fleur/Hermione) Clexa (Clarke and Lexa from The 100); Ranya (Raven/Anya from The 100) Linctavia (Lincoln and Octavia from The 100), WayHaught; Bechloe and many more!
One pair I'm unable to write is Ron/Hermione.

We fill in for each other's weak points and thus make better stories for you!
Yet, we are not fond of paywalling our creations, so we are reaching out to you to help us create more content.

For now, we thank you for taking a look, or donating.
Enjoy yourself :)

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We'll go full-time on making new releases.
This means more short stories, novels, visual novels, plots, storylines, settings, games, doujins, art, etc. in less time!
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