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i am vj pussycat and i make eye candy. welcome to my patreon page. for those unfamiliar to patreon, it is a web funding platform specifically designed to help artists do what they do best - create.  it works by giving patrons of the arts a simple way to support the artists they love through membership. memberships are offered at various levels making it easy for even the tiniest budget to show their support. you choose the membership tier best suited for you. find your tier in the sidebar on this page.*

why do i create?                      

being an artist is not easy. i'm not one known to take the easy way out. but that's not why i create. my creations are an extensions of me, a form of interaction, a form of expression, my take on what's happening... they are the language which translates my passion.

i think i was born with a natural attraction to the arts. all my life i've felt an infinite love of music however, after several attempts learning to play a variety of instruments; piano, flute and numerous times with guitar, it finally became apparent my talent was stronger in the visual arts. both my father and his father were amateur photographers, so interest in the study of recording light was passed down and i had developed my own love of photography, which led to making it my main focus in college (see what i did there). 

although armed with a bfa, i held many (seemingly) meaningless jobs after college, so i went back to school and picked up some classes in the new age of digital technology. i studied illustrator, photoshop and html - this was the dawn of the graphical internet. equipped with new skills, i quit my boring job and ventured into freelance work, making websites and designing logos. it was creative work, but not necessarily gratifying. throughout the years as my efforts in the visual world evolved, i never lost my passion for music. i was always listening, and catching as many concerts as i could since age 14. and i was still yearning to play music.

in 1993 something happened. i fell in love with a band, so much so, i went to all their shows i could and eventually i ended up working for them. i was doing administrative things for them like selling merch, managing their mailing list, writing newsletters, and creating and running their website. it wasn't the most gratifying work, but i was thrilled to be involved. then one day, an idea which had been tossed around for a while became an opportunity when a friend/fellow fan of the band offered to rent a video projector so we could experiment with projecting imagery on the band while they played. that single event was transforming. it also led to my future as a vj.  like an epiphany, it all made sense. just because i can't play an instrument doesn't mean i can't collaborate with music as it is created and performed. the satisfaction achieved through this type of collaboration was truly fulfilling.

why i am on patreon               

while i have worked with several bands over the last 16 years and continue to work with the band that gave me my start, and sometimes the compensation can be seemingly, shockingly great on the rare occasion (more likely corporate or private events), but for the most part, getting paid is more like receiving a tip than being fairly/fully compensated. please consider the amount of time and dedication put into each project from planning and preparation to the actual performance, loading in, loading out, not to mention the cost of doing business - equipment, hardware, software, cables, transportation, etc....

so, yes it is hard to be a creator, but especially when the artform is that of a very small, specialized niche that mostly goes unrecognized, yet is prevalent everywhere. an understated component and secondary part of a multi-sensory experience, much like (in flip-flop counterpart) the soundtrack is to a film. when you go to the movies in most cases, the movie tells a story primarily carried out though the use of visuals, with the accompanying soundtrack regarded as complimentary to the cinematography. sure the story could be told without the soundtrack (some exceptions, of course), but the soundtrack is key to enriching the presentation and contributing to a multi-sensory experience.

ok, so a vj is not necessary for a band to put on a good show, but when added to the mix, it can not be denied that visual accompaniment, has the ability to take a concert experience to the next level. big touring productions know it, and it is budgeted in to the super high ticket prices they command. i have yet to work on that scale a production, and not necessarily interested in doing so, but it certainly would be nice to keep doing this and and growing as an artist, giving back to music lovers and bands just starting out or even established mid-range touring bands.

how funds will be used           

the main benefit of funding is that of providing to me an ongoing income and the stability that goes with it. i love what i'm doing in terms as a vj and would happily do it (and actually have done it) for free, but the need to survive has been my biggest distraction and has kept me from jumping in all the way. i feel i have so much to offer if i could devote all my time to the art of vjing, creating new content and exploring new techniques and equipment. without the preoccupations associated with the myriad of obstacles like making rent, or updating outdated hardware and equipment and being able to cover crucial updates to the software i use, i envision myself as a productive artist, performing and traveling, always creating and expanding my abilities by learning new technologies.

i have a vision and specific desire of designing and building an open source custom control center type, all-in-one device with mobility for performing anywhere in the world, eliminating the need to use, update, store and haul several pieces of equipment. my intent by making it an open source project, is to share with other aspiring vjs who have great ideas but limited budgets. i have begun the research and started to learn how to code the software as well as experimented with electronics (i built a motorized lazy susan to assist in one aspect of my lightshow after learning a bit about soldering, electronics and coding) but i still have a long way to go. i hope to make this project a priority very soon, but it can't be done without your help.

what your patronage means  

by pledging your support, you empower me with boundless potential by removing crippling distractions such as 'how will i pay rent?', allowing me to focus on my inspirations and creations and grow as an artist, and by enabling the exploration of new techniques and ideas, always learning. but most important, your support will help to develop a unique artform, keeping it alive while allowing me to continue giving back with the art i create.

wether you know what i do and are here because you love it, or if you just a philanthropist giving to those less fortunate (think of me as the scrawny kid surrounded by flies), for just pennies a day, you can make a difference in this artist's life by showing your support by becoming a patreon member and feel good knowing your subscription, has a positive, direct impact on improving the arts and the lives of those who create. 

by pledging your support, you provide an immediate and direct impact to my work as an artist in contributing to an ongoing income which affords me the luxury of a deeper focus on my work and the freedom to create more, explore more learn more and share more. your direct support plays an integral part in providing an environment in which i may thrive as an artist, and offering a unique opportunity to experience the results first hand within the community we form together. 

* goals and intro video coming soon

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