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About VloggersWayRound

After taking a career break as a software tester, I have decided to take this opportunity to travel the world and where better to start than the furthest place from home, Australia.
I will be traversing through oceans, islands and deserts to bring you some of the best locations from eateries, beaches, bars, caves, you name it, I'm going to explore it. Follow me around the world and join me in seeing some of the greatest places on the planet, we aren't here long and neither are some of the wonders that are scattered across the globe.

My whole goal is not for me to just see the world but for everyone else too. my guides, advice and blogs are for people to absorb, take on board and do something with, whether it be to get the most out of travelling or simply just to enthuse someone otherwise not wanting to take the giant leap of the sofa! So again i thank you, i really do..it's already been a difficult journey to get this far, my only support in life is you guys and i appreciate that, stay tuned for more!

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