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You will receive the Gold VIP rank on all available open servers! 

This includes all the perks that Gold VIP receives individually on each server.

For every month you are a paying Patreon you will receive the option to get either $2,500,000 in-game cash on a server of your choice or 5,000,000 PointShop points on a server of your choice.

You will keep this for the duration that you are a Patreon.

Includes Discord rewards




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About VLRP Gaming

VLRP Gaming is mainly a Garry's Mod focused community and our aim is to provide you with a big chain of highly developed and customized Garry's Mod servers, along with some other servers for different games. We have some clear goals and aim to provide you with a fantastic, enriching experience through any of the multiple servers we provide for you in our community and generally top quality entertainment. We may be a fairly new community but we have huge plans for the future!
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GmodStore scripts to be purchased for the server.
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