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is creating a docuseries on culture across America + Dope streetwear

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My name is Blake Stoner and I want to help get America on the same page. I started a media organization to do that. It's called Vngle, and I created it to be a common space for highlighting "various angles" on culture and underrepresented stories happening in communities around America.

Given the rising polarization in America, I decided to jumpstart Vngle through a project called [Where Are We Now]. #WWAN is a docuseries to understand the culture of America from regional points of view across the nation.

I started the docuseries while I was a grad student at Columbia University. Since then, I've traveled to 19 cities capturing unique perspectives on regional views of America.

NOW I'm pushing my work forward through a fundraiser to renovate my granddad's RV.
I'm trying to raise awareness of what I'm doing, while I prepare to expand my work for 2020. I will be posting videos from my travels thus far during this preparation process.
Please follow my journey @VngleStories on instagram, facebook & twitter.

Some cities from my travels thus far include:
NYC / Syracuse, NY / Atlanta, GA / Washington D.C. / San Fransico, Ca / Los Angeles, CA / Las Vegas, NV / Jackson, MS / Honolulu, HI / San Juan, PR / (+ many more).

**Side note: I love fashion. So to help fundraise, I created some dope [Where We Are Now] "split" flag shirts. Any donation of $20 or more will receive a free shirt for their support (through either a single donation or through monthly contributions that total $20 or more).

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