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About Voices Of 5

Why Support Us?
We love making good music and by doing music videos, we are able to express our whole artistic visions and give more joy to our loving fans and to the world.
Unfortunately, making good videos is quite expensive. It won't only cost time and energy but a lot of money as well to continue producing more. We all know that :)


We have already made a lot of videos of covers and some originals. Some of them look better than the rest because they are more "produced". Now we realized that we can only do that too much because of the expenses, we're kinda stuck. But with a little help from fans like you, we'll be able to consistently make more quality music videos. 

Of course do not feel obligated to pledge on us. Our videos will always be FREE for everyone. Only if you feel like doing MORE as a fan then you came to the perfect place! :)  

So what's in it for you??? Rewards of course!
Cool and exciting "patron-only" REWARDS depending on the level/amount of patronage:
  • access to our patron only stream.
  • Fansign shared on our facebook page
  • Mp3 download of our album and all youtube covers.
  • Chord charts
  • Videos of our live performances
  • Fansign within our videos
  • Live chat with us weekly
  • Video of requested songs
  • Join us on any of our future youtube videos.
And more!

$55 of $1,000 per music video
Hope pledges will help us make more videos. Yes, It is possible to make more than one video per month and it's up to you to help us reach this goal. We all know that producing music videos cost us time, energy and money. We humbly ask for your help on this very first milestone goal.
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