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About Me
I am a writer, educator, and simple bird.

A longtime vegan and animal advocate, my compassion stretches from shelter pets, to wildlife, to farm animals. I have lived with rescue dogs and cats and have volunteered with animal shelter and rescue groups. I am an urban birder and doting cat guardian.

My writing career began at age six with my award-winning book, My Book About Snickers. (Sorry, friend. You won't find it at your local book store. Only one copy was ever printed.) My love for animals began around this same time, when I practiced my newfound reading skills on Cuddles, my dog and best friend. (My best friends have always been animals.)

I have degrees in English and creative writing as well as elementary education. I am a former teacher currently working as a freelance curriculum writer, editor, and tutor. My life's mission is to use my writing and teaching skills to teach, inform, entertain, and inspire others, especially children, in the context of compassion, conservation, and empowerment.  

About My Writings
My writing takes many forms, including fantasy, poetry, elementary curriculum, and informational texts. By becoming a patron, you will help me complete my various writing projects as well as other projects related to teaching children. 

About My Patrons
As my patron, you will you will receive early access to all of my creative writings. You will also have access to exclusive content, such updates, blog posts, and a lexicon that helps you navigate the world. Additionally, you can take part in polls that drive who and what my next writings will be about.

About My Influences
I am greatly influenced by the magic of the natural world, mourning its loss in the advent of climate change, but also finding hope in actions big and small. I place faith in children, and aim to educate and empower them through my writing.

Additionally, my compassion for animals is a driving force in all I do in life and fantasy, as is my profound desire to talk to animals, and to have them talk to me in return.

About Alonadee
In the world of Alonadee things are not as they should be. The Elementals, offended by the Northerner’s industry and gadgetry, grew sulky long ago. As their resentment grew, their poetry dimmed. Have you ever lived in a world without poetry, friend? It is a twisted, dismal place, silent and cruel, with the threat of Darkness and Disappearings ever lurking.

The fairies have retreated to the mists, and the last of the beasts roam nervously in the hidden places of the world, pushed out by the brown and muck. The greenery shrinks back as the cities of the Northerners spread, and nature grows quiet in the hearts of the people-animals.

As the voices of the Elementals grow hoarse, some who already have power seek to take more, striving to become masters of all poetry. But others fight on, determined to return verse to the beasts, and the trees, and all the folk who are True of Heart. Even the stars fall, lending their shine to the cause, but will their help be enough to preserve the voices they helped shape so long ago? Can nature still say anything at all, if no one cares to listen?

Please, won't you sit back, friend, while I unfold these tales? And together we shall see whether there is enough wonder left in the world to save the poetry of the light and the dark.
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