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The Voice Unearthed Patreon opportunity has been launched for those who are interested in supporting my work. Financial backing will enable me to spend less time grant writing to fulfill others' missions (which I truly do enjoy) and more time on the front lines supporting families and exploring safer, more effective ways to treat children who stutter (which is my true passion). As little as $1 a month (seriously) will be greatly appreciated. A $10 or more monthly donation will be rewarded with a signed copy of Voice Unearthed and yes, a refrigerator magnet, stating "Keep them talking! Keep talking fun!" Following is more on the Voice Unearthed story...

In 1999, our family began a journey that many families go on once they find out their child has some sort of challenge... we turned to professionals for guidance. Our youngest son, Eli, was stuttering - often severely.  We were blindsided and knew nothing about this issue. Over the next six years speech therapy only led to increased tension, struggle, and most disturbing, excessive silence. When Eli was nine, with the support of an unorthodox speech therapist, we turned our backs on traditional speech therapy focused on fixing, or at best minimizing, his stutter, and instead focused on getting him talking again and reengaged in the world around him.

I spent the next six years reflecting and documenting our journey.  I also researched to understand how the mainstream therapy our son experienced had come to be embraced by well-meaning and dedicated speech therapists. My efforts culminated in the book, Voice Unearthed: Hope, Help, and a Wake-Up Call for the Parents of Children Who Stutter published in 2011. I am honored that professors from around the world have chosen Voice Unearthed as a resource in their Communication Disorders curriculum.  Speech therapists are also giving the book out to parents, and parents from around the world have found my perspective helpful to their own journey.  The Voice Unearthed Facebook Group has become the largest online parent support group in the world at 1,150+ members and growing. 

To say that this is humbling and sometimes a bit overwhelming a vast understatement. This unanticipated level of engagement comes with a responsibility I feel to those who have found hope and help through Voice Unearthed.  I recently launched a new website ( with a blog and vlog where I will continue to share our story, my research findings and opinions, and relevant resources, along with the stories from others whose insights are so valuable to parents.

As always, thank you for your interest and support.

Doreen (Dori) Lenz Holte 

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