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Volt, a fast native desktop client for all major messaging services

Why build Volt? To solve two big problems I see with the current IM solutions: there are too many of them, and the clients are ridiculously bloated for what they are built to do.

Volt is going to be similar to what Trillian and Miranda did in the past. It's going to be a simple and fast hub to connect to all your contacts across multiple services.

There's already a working prototype:

Right now it has basic support for Skype, Slack, Gmail, and Twitter. More protocols are coming soon: Discord, Skype for Business, XMPP (Jabber), IRC.

Volt is blazing fast. Unlike official clients, it can handle hundreds of thousands of messages in one chat without lag. And it's less than 500 KB!

The app is always going to be free. There will be no ads and no data tracking.
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