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Voluntary Japan is a voluntaryist initiative in Japan which aims to spread the ideas of consensual human interaction, unschooling, and free markets via vlogs, volunteering, multicultural experience, journalism, trade, and travel.

Voluntary Japan is an informal network of voluntaryists seeking to make the world a better place for the individual. We are convinced that real change happens from "micro to macro" and never through grandiose political plans or utopian schemes to "save the world."
Real changes happens via the individual. This by default changes communities, which in turn changes the world at large.
  • VJ YouTube/Steemit Content Production - ISO (individual self-ownership-based vlogs, articles, and other content)
  • Organic Farming in Japan - Organic/Permacultural Farming in Nagano, Japan
  • Niigata Unschooling Meetup/Free School Volunteering - One of the first Meetup.com groups of its kind, we have launched the Niigata Unschooling Meetup, a place for unschooling and freeschooling families, and those interested, can hang out, have fun, network, and support one another in our unique journeys in education in a country almost totally new to the concepts of child-directed learning and unschooling. We also volunteer at a local free school, community centers, and other events, providing English lessons, live music, and more.
  • Animation - "Shitty Anarchist Animation" is a series which teaches the libertarian philosophy with a unique style of stop-motion, homemade animation. I make these videos for myself and also for commission. Original musical soundtracks and voiceovers/voice acting are also used.
What we are not:
Voluntary Japan is not a charity organization, official business, or formal network. The individuals comprising VJ are simply interested in making the world a more voluntary place by using their own unique skill sets, talents, and knowledge.
What your support would, well,*support:*
  • The full-time proliferation of the message of principled voluntaryist anarchy.
  • The regular and prolific production of content via YouTube, Steemit, Twitter, Facebook, Narrative, DLive, and more.
  • Unschooling networking and VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES to the end up spreading the unschooling philosophy in Japan.
Thank you for your patronage!

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