is creating furry videos (speedpaints, fun, and educational)

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Hello, I'm Peachy
I would like to start by thanking you for taking a look at my Patreon. It means a lot to me that you are interested in the content I create and possibly supporting what I do!

I am a small business owner, walking dogs and otherwise caring for peoples' pets. I also spend a few days a week driving for a ridesharing company. Due to time constraints and my disabilities, there is a limit to how much work I can take on. As you can imagine, this puts a cap on my income.

Currently I'm living in my car, eating meals and spending nights at a hypothermia shelter. I'm hoping that the shelter programs and case worker I have can help me find an affordable place to live while I continue to try and earn a better income.

What content do I create?
I am a furry who loves movies, music, and games, to put it in the most simple of words. My content features information as well as fun. In addition, I'll do occasional chill streams to help fundraise for myself as well as causes and charities that mean a lot to me. Sometimes my lovely mother may be present for some of my reaction videos.

Why should you be a patron?
In addition to helping me produce better quality content, you can get some goodies in the form of tier rewards! Pledges will also help me so that I won't have to worry about having a home, food, and other basic essentials, which is something that is always looming over my head, as explained previously. Plus, it may even give me some wiggle room to be able to afford more luxury-type things that I want after my needs are met!

I thank you so very much for taking the time to read this and I appreciate the fact that you even looked at this page! I hope you will consider becoming a patron. Even $1 can make a difference. If you can't afford to become a patron, I thank you for even considering it. It truly means the world to me.
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