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About voximity

Hey, I'm vox, and I'm making Qubit.

Qubit is a passion project. It's a Discord bot that lets you do all sorts of fun things like automoderation, custom commands, and even image editing. Anyway, onto the juicy stuff. I pay for Qubit out of pocket. I pay for the domain, the servers, everything from top to bottom. Unfortunately, things get a little pricey, and I'm starting to need help to finance Qubit. Thankfully, I have the Patreon platform to help me.

By supporting me, you can expect to get some minor benefits, or if you reach the certain tier listed on the right, you will get Qubit Deluxe, which gives you all sorts of nifty features.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you consider supporting me on my endeavor to make Qubit one of the coolest bots on Discord.
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I will now be able to pay for the server and website hosting on a monthly basis.
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