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Wow, you actually did it. I'm... wow, thank you. Have a shoutout while you're at it!
Vessel of Fate
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In fact, why not help me decide how the streams will play out? This tier gets you access to exclusive patron polls for all sorts of stuff, from what I'll be doing in a given stream to what games should show up in a variety hour.

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Any requests you'd like to make? Maybe something you'd like to see me stream in particular? Shoot me a message and we'll see what's cooking. My own time and resources may not guarantee it'll show up right away, but I'll definitely have it on hand.




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This is Vprisoner, and welcome to the Devil's Slot Machine.

I've been streaming video games on and off for the past few years. Recently I've been hosting a nightly Sunday stream showing off Final Fantasy Record Keeper, one of those runaway passion projects I would never have expected to love so much. I come from a background of making Let's Plays, namely of more obscure games (stuff like Mega Man Legends) that hold a special place in my heart. The games I stream are games I've always loved, and always wanted to show people.

Well, the catch is this: I'm a college senior, and finances are getting pretty tight right now. I want to step up my game, hence the Patreon pitch. I'm here to stream bigger, better and more often. Supporting my cause gives me the resources I need to keep pumping fresh blood into my streams. Seriously. Keeping things passionate is a major goal here on this station, and your support can only keep improving the passion I provide.

Thank you so much for any and every bit of support, it means a lot to me.
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Twitch Plays Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne

A run through NG+ with my demons chosen by vote. I'll even reroll the party every other stream! Details on THAT hot mess forthcoming.
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