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is creating a blog about storytelling in VR, AR, 360 degrees
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About Pola Weiß

How does dramaturgy work in immersive media?

360-degree video, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, crossed reality, hyper reality… numerous names—innumerous possibilities!
Just how can we create an experience that extends beyond a mere moment of fear or fright? In short: How do we tell a story?
We happen to find ourselves at the outset of a journey filled with countless questions that can only be answered with a good dose of creativity. There are many exciting VR/AR games and films being developed right now or already out there.
They demonstrate the astounding inventive spirit of their creators. In their work, they discover new dramaturgical tricks, practical rules as well as effects—small and large—through structured experiments or by simply following a creative hunch.

VRstories.blog is looking for storytelling principles

My blog serves as a forum within which we can jointly develop a novel “syntax” for good stories in immersive media—be they games, films, theatrical plays or entirely new forms.
To this end, VR Geschichten (that is German for "VR stories") fuses previous insights from VR film and gaming, inspects new VR projects and talks to experts from both practical as well as theoretical fields.

The monthly articles are extensive, dive into the deep end, and tackle fundamental topics such as interactivity, the spatial experience, and character development. News and hardware reviews are not featured. The articles are in English and German.

For filmmakers, storytellers, game designers, journalists, and those who just love really good stories in VR, AR and 360 degrees.

Who’s writing this?
My name is Pola. I live in Berlin, Germany, and I work as a television and online editor. In addition, I write as freelance author about VR/AR topics. This blog is my passion project. Support my work :)

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