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About VieN

Hello, my name is VieN, also known as VulpineNinja.

I draw to express how I feel about certain issues specifically in Malaysia. I'm happy to see people who are able to relate with the situation, and I will continue speaking out for them even if it may seem controversial. Sometimes I do personal comic strips and do fanworks for anime conventions.

Therefore, I need funds so that I can print self-published works for these events.

I used to draw one page per day but due to financial reasons I had to get a day job, hence my updates reduced to one or two comics strip per week. Do note that all the comic strips I upload online were done without payment (unless they are commissions). However my salary is used to pay bills and transport, barely enough for hobby related things. So, I really appreciate it if you're willing to support me financially so that i can create more content!

Thank you!
$12 of $50 per art
Due to popular demand I have self-published some of my comics albeit in low quality due to the lack of funds. If I have better finance hopefully I'm able to print more physical copies in higher quality.
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