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Even the smallest of dragons are still dragons.

-  Access to the private channels under the "Cool Kids Club" subcateogry: Supporters text channel & voice channel 

- Unique name colour on our Discord server.

- Unique name colour on servers where applicable. (some games we can do this, others we cant.)

Includes Discord rewards
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 - All previous donation tier benefits 

- Your name (either Patreon name or display name of your choice) and supporter tier added to a dedicated webpage as part of the Draconic Servers Website. 

Includes Discord rewards
Dedicated Drake
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- All previous donation tier benefits 

- Your name & donation tier added to the scrolling "thank to our donators" text in our Garry's Mod server loading screens.

Includes Discord rewards




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About Vuthakral

This Patreon charges upfront & on the 1st of each month. If you wish to donate I highly advise you do so on the 1st or early in the month, so you don't end up spending in excess if you join and it's the end of the current month

"Draconic" is my game community which started alone with one Garry's Mod sandbox server in 2014, but now I host many servers for several games. The general idea/purpose behind Draconic's servers is to have minimal rules (outside of the obvious) so people can actually have fun, and good staff & server management.

What will the money be going to?
  • Server expenses. Draconic operates on a mix of servers that we ourselves host, and paid server hosts. Funds go towards the server machine, maintenance, and the paid hosting services.
  • Educational expenses. Books, programs, equipment, etc.

If I am currently a supporter, and stop supporting, what perks will I lose access to?
After your current month's support ends:
- You will lose your current supporter role on our Discord server, and you will lose access to any private channel(s) you previously had access to.
- You will lose any custom name colours on game servers.

"What if I refund?"
These changes will take effect immediately.

A few notes:
- If you are a part of server staff, or Discord moderators, name colours will not apply for you. Your staff position has a special colour already so you can be easily identified as staff.
- I'm only human, and only one person at that. Please understand it will take a little bit of time for me to give people access to all their supporter features.
$24 of $40 per month
AvP - Server Cost
Starting out, our AvP project's server will be self-hosted by Draconic. But given the nature of this project this is undesirable, and thus with the project we hope to (on top of increasing Patrons) be able to afford a premium hosting service to host AvP.
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