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About Risa Hulett

My name is Risa Hulett, more often known as Vylla. I'm an artist, nerd, D&D, and pop culture enthusiast. My specialty is painting those badass women characters from comics, games, movies, etc. like they're friends, not things to drool over.  

My goal here has two parts, I want to create more, better, art, and I want to go out to cons and meet more of you beautiful nerds. Your contributions would allow me to do this. Not only that, but I want your guys' input! What characters I should draw first, where I should go next, what merch I should create! Guide me to your fandoms and I will cannonball into them.

In return, you receive the perks listed below.

All patrons have access to my high quality token library which is updated 3-5 times per week. $5 and up patrons are able to request priority tokens. These tokens are free to use for use as NPCs, PCs, RP, etc. This includes streaming games! 

Every quarter I will pull names from my patrons for a free portrait full color commission. Your name will go in the hat based on what your contribution tier is. 1 entry per $ contributed that month.

I can't express my gratitude enough, my lovely patrons, but my door is always open!

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When I reach 50 patrons, the commission raffle will become bi-monthly instead of quarterly.
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