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Hey! I'm Alex Krumwiede, and I'm the founder of Red Blade Studios, which has for the last 10 years been mainly the professional name for my own art and animation. I'm an illustrator and animator, graduating in 2010 from Kendall College of Art & Design. I've worked on a few games, some published (The Realm Online, an early 2D MMO) and some not (Legends of Tacendia, a collaborative project with some friends), and done freelance design for board games, as well as art and animation for Rantasmo, of the review series Needs More Gay.

What I REALLY want to do, though, is make my own animated webseries. In the meanwhile, I'm working to develop the written content into a comic format!

Ember Alley is an urban fantasy world, mixing magic, elves, trolls, and other monsters into the modern world. These creatures have lived in the shadows of human society, hiding out through magic. Their descendants, many of whom know nothing of their supernatural ancestry, live modern lives like everyone else, until they come into contact with magic in some way.

The series follows these descendants as their respective magical heritages are awakened, making them visible to other hidden supernatural folk, and to the more vicious predators of the supernatural world. These characters still need to deal with the everyday aspects of regular life, such as school, work, romance, and family, and all the blunders between.

We've made a lot of connections with other creators, artists, musicians, and voice actors interested in the project, including Rantasmo. His inclusion has helped to realize a strong LGBTQ subtext in the series' concept, that of finding out something about yourself strange, that makes you different from others around you, that might even scare you, but is still an inherent part of who you are.

To create this world, though, I need your help. That's where Patreon comes in! As I go, I'll be trying to post at least one piece of art per week, most often a piece of Ember Alley concept art, comic pages, or whatever else I'm working on in freelance. The more patrons and patronage I get, the more I can do towards Ember Alley itself, including storyboards, animation tests, and painted backgrounds. My hope is that, eventually, I can put side other work and take production of Ember Alley full-time!
$5 of $200 per month
If I make this goal, I can afford to work on this in lieu of other freelance/commissioned side-projects. This also saves up towards new hardware, a larger Cintiq, software upgrades, etc.

In addition, once I reach this goal, I'll try to hold monthly, if not weekly, online sketch/work sessions. Hang out with me on live video and watch me work.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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