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Extra Photos!
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You will get early access to photos that will not be shown on my Flickr page for a while, or that will never be shown! You will also get to see BTS photos of some of my photo shoots!
Time Lapses!
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If you choose to pledge this amount of money, you will get to also see never seen before and BTS photos, but you will get to see time lapses of me painting a Lego character!
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At this amount, you will get everything included in lower amounts, and I will make a simple purist/ semi-purist figure of your choice! You will not get to receive it, but I will post multiple photos of it on all sides!
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Whew! If you donate 7 dollars, you will get everything at lower amounts and I will give you one shout out to any of your social media accounts via my Flickr. At the time of creating this, I have 666 followers. Please no accounts with explicit or inappropriate content.
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I would love to make it to $20, so I can save money for college! Every bit counts :)
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