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Store-bought Waffle
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Even though you're only a store-bought waffle, you are still amazing, and so for your support, you'll get:

- Access to a patron only chat on my discord

- A shiny "Store-bought Waffle" role on my discord to show everyone how awesome you are

- Special Thanks @ The End Of Each Month On Stream

Includes Discord benefits
Frozen Waffle
per month

You might be a frozen waffle, but you definitely don't have a cold heart, so because you're so nice, you'll get:

- An Awesome "Frozen Waffle" discord rank to show off your coolness

- Instant Access To Join Hypixel Party

- 1 Piece of GFX every 3 months that you're a patron

-Stream Vote Counts as 2 Instead of One (Higher chance of that game being played)

- Private Hangout Once A Month On Discord ^-^

Includes Discord benefits
Liege Waffle
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You, my friend, are the crème de la crème of Waffles. Such a kind heart, and I thank you for your amazing support, and so, I'll give you:

- The very awesome and very exclusive "Liege Waffle" role on my discord

- Speak Perms For Hypixel Streams 

- 1 Piece of GFX every month that you are a patron :3

- Handwritten Letter (+ Sticker) Delivered To You :D

- 15% Discount On Merch

- Private Hangout Once Every Two Weeks 

Includes Discord benefits




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|17 | Socially Awkward | 92% Introvert | Content Creator |

Twitch Streams, YT Uploads, Gaming, Art & Music are what I'm passionate about

Becoming a patron helps me to improve the quality of the content I'm making & to help support me in the long run, and every person who does I appreciate a lot :D

On top of supporting me you will be able to get some awesome rewards ^-^ Purchasing higher tiers will allow you to recieve the rewards from the lower tiers as well <3
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