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is creating corsetry as an art form.
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A massive thank you for helping me on my journey - it is wonderful knowing you care about what I do!
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A massive thank you for helping me on my journey - and a window into my Patreon feed. I will be posting images of my work in progress and discussing my ideas. I will also be sharing professional images of my work before I upload them anywhere else. 
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A massive thank you for helping me on my journey - and a door into my Patreon feed, and a greater insight into my work. Along with the information above I will record my screen as I work on patterns, discuss the techniques I am using and the materials I have chosen for each project. I will share PDF patterns on a semi regular basis (once every two-three months.) This tier is ideal for people who are interested in the creative process.




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About Lucy Emke of Waisted Creations

My name is Lucy, and I am an artist.
Corsetry is my chosen art form - dressmaking is all too often overlooked as an art form, until recently it was something your grandma did, and certainly not "proper" art like painting or sculpture. 
I am here to change that perception.

I love what I do, and other people seem to love it too. I am very proud of the fact a number of people within the corset making world have told me I was their inspiration for starting, or that they are in love with my work. I am also really honoured to have a fan base of more than 13000 fans on Facebook. I want to be able to dedicate time to creating things to share with you all!

Through this page I aim to raise the funds to justify creating show stopping pieces, and collaborate with other artists to showcase them. I want you to have the chance to see how my work is born - from concept to creation. I want to share with you my skill set, the progress I am making learning new techniques, and the projects I have lined up.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for considering helping me on my journey as an artist. To know that other people like what I am doing and want to see more of my work in the future is a very special feeling.

If you would like to support me but cannot justify  monthly donation, please consider contributing to my Ko-Fi at

$39 of $200 per month
When I reach my first goal I will be able to have my work photographed professionally 4 times a year! This means more pictures to enjoy and the warm fuzzy feeling that I can support other artists in their work, too.
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