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Are you ready to start waking up to make WITH a community? Do you want to feel a part of something bigger than yourself and gain the practical steps to get there?

That's our goal with the Wake To Make Podcast.

As a married couple, we know full-well that two is better than one. We want to provide a space that is inspiring, empowering, and that equips you as a Maker, whether you make with your head, heart, or hands. And we promise to bring you a few laughs (and puns) along the way.

We want to propel the #waketomake (35k & growing) hashtag into something bigger: A MOVEMENT.

A movement of people who are embracing their potential to create and change their worlds.

A movement of MAKERS, who are Multi-Makers with lots of different ideas and dreams and goals to bring to the table.

We want to inspire, equip, and encourage you in this process of MAKING GOOD, with your head, heart, and hands.

This podcast is for you if you make with your HEAD: Maybe you coach or encourage or engineer. We're going to give you practical ways to create with your head and build a business from your knowledge.

This podcast is for you if you make with your HANDS: We LOVE handmade biz owners and we're going to talk about how you automate and organize and brand your business in a way that frees you up to make your stuff.

This podcast is for you if you make with your HEART: We know the struggle of being a small biz owner and creatives. We're going to be that support for you as you tread the waters of making.

Maybe you make with some combination of the three or all three! You are a multi-maker & this movement is for you too.

It's time to reevaluate the ideals our culture has set for us and learn how to support ourselves in ways that are ingenious, creative, and DOWNRIGHT FUN.

#waketomake isn't just for those who craft. It's for those who want to change the world and live a life that is DESIGNED.


Are you ready to join the #waketomake movement?

Lilah is skilled in design and branding and will bring the art and marketing tips. Zac is skilled in tech and will bring the technical help and practical ways you can thrive in your making. Together, we'll bring the laughs and build a place of support for you and the cool things you create.

Every dollar of your support will go towards creating content, upgrading our recording equipment, and networking with other creatives to bring you the best content possible AND BUILD A SPACE OF ENCOURAGEMENT FOR YOUR MAKING.

If you want to be a part of the #waketomake movement, check out our sponsor options on the sidebar!

-Zac & Lilah
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