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A guided movement meditation to bring yourself more fully into all your senses and the environment.  Each month will have a different theme and be accompanied by video/audio collage.




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Creating modern healing ritual arts for modern evolving humans.

I am currently on a world trip, focused on Butoh Movement, a dance form focused on embodied, meditative movement that really brings one to the fully self-authentic present moment.  I have been immersed in nature for 7 months now and have emerged into the urban environment with a desire to create public healing spaces, services, installation art and events.  

I have been living in isolation and often camping- an affordable adventure. However, coming into an urban living environment will entail higher living and transportation costs. But it will also reach and effect a MUCH larger and more diverse crowd that is not normally exposed to the concepts of body-mind awareness and expanding the senses.  I plan to walk the city streets slowly, bringing slow movement to the world around me.

Public Sound Healing Stations
This project will be providing listening setups in booths and cafes so that people can experience this healing modality while out and about. Using isochronic tones, binaural beats, traditional instruments, and affirmation recordings, people can take time to regenerate. I seek to spread the icon of the headphones and make healing a social norm. This project is quite developed already, it just needs some funds for the technicalities and the gear.

Happy Feet from Around the World - Foot Massage as Public Action Art
An offering of Free Foot Massages in public spaces like parks, and capturing videos and pics of them experiencing the slow enjoyment of their feet afterwards. These images of feet from around the world would then be compiled together on an ongoing basis and shared through my website, The "Walk the Earth Slowly" Project, at, for the enjoyment and inspiration of the online crowd. I would like to spread the message of grounded presence through posts, art, videos, poetry, music and combinations thereof. On the site, the work can go even further by offering fun and creative walking meditation downloads.

Public Performance and Art Installations
Creating natural environments indoors, Nature Temples, Chalk Art and Positive Moop.  I want to both create and capture imagery of where the natural structures and human structures collide and make love.  Blue Jeans and fur, steel and moss, language and crickets.  

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