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I am presenting Ted a theory game which is still burning while
It is ice cold at the desert at night.
Desert is also land and
There is lot of sand in the desert.
Painting is as real as playing now a game with a monitor on the computer instead of a canvas.
A sketch is a project.
A game painting is competition.
The real guide is a player.
You have to control the brush with the keyboard.
Contemporary art is a mirror of technology.
A digital sketch is more than a sketch.
An image might be Art.
A gallery is a space to support contemporary code.
That painting is best recorded as a video game.
The result as a work is always relative to the user experience.
My opinion is that we see samples of Art but isn't this what we call controlled form of expression?
A simple way to describe it is to say that it is all happening in our head.
An action is refering to the will. Any action should be aware of the reactions.
You need to be enough experienced to use a computer.
(With programming you follow the structure of the mind).
The only form of Art that uses the term communication is Computer-Art.
Today the visual Arts have the chance to expand the influence of their value using the Media. This means that the Art object has a materiality that is different than the Past.
There are many sources of electromagnetic noise which cause the characteristic display like patterns of static atmospheric noise which are the most ubiquitous.
Destruction of the coordination between gamers is inevitable when there is movement in between the coordinates in the void.
This is a PICO-8 Console code example that generates a Television Snow screen written in Lua. Visit and Run “Teddy” on your browser. You can use the following code which generates random painting within a PICO-8 Game.
The Art Critic, Dealer etc can't exist without the source which is the Artist.
Game Art object has a materiality that is different than the Past.
Now I display phrases that are relevant which is an example of the language as technology.
Code is knowledge that is hiding an image which might be a trap.(Contemporary art is the mirror of technology)
The thing about programming is clear code to be found on a journal.(To compile a project you need a manifest)
To do programming first you have to do a lot of reading.(Learning the media is the source of technology)
With programming you follow the structure of the mind.(In fact Code is information)
You need to be enough experienced to use a computer.
Coding exists as well in everyday language.

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