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hello! my name is wanda (also known as wandathebrave on other parts of the internet) and i am a freelancer, teacher, Twitch streamer, and illustrator living in los angeles, california. 

i decided to start a Patreon page because my biggest joy in life involves helping others take small steps to consistent growth towards your best self. i do this through my classes about productivity and bullet journaling, as well as with providing programming and freelance resources and a good ear for those that need it on stream. 

please know that any pledges help me learn, grow, and make more consistent content for you. it also allows me to take the time to explore more creative avenues -- such as pixel art and watercolor painting!

to find me on other parts of the internet, check out my twitchskillshare, and twitter. my illustrations will soon be found at wandathebrave.com 
$0 of $100 per month
when we reach this goal, i will start a monthly podcast exclusive to patreon. i'll talk about what's going on in my life, books i'm currently reading, things i've learned each month. 
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