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Patrons Only Feed: At this level, you get my sincere gratitude for donating to this project. It is my hope that together we can build a library of war music that can be used in film and television throughout the coming years. Thank you so much!
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About Jeb

Recently, I was asked to perform a number of works that were prevalent in Abraham Lincoln's life. During my research I was surprised by two things: 1) Most early war music has not been recorded with string instruments. 2) Many of the songs on file at the Library of Congress have no accessible recordings available in any form.

I have always wanted to give something back to the music community. I believe my extensive background in guitar will allow me to recreate these songs with a fresh perspective while maintaining historical accuracy.

I will be performing pieces that were inspired by war focusing primarily on the Revolutionary war, Civil war, World War I, and World War II.

My focus will be primarily on classical guitar. However, I would love to explore the possibilities of occasionally bringing in some friends for violin, piano, drums, etc.

Thank you in advance for supporting me and this worthwhile project.

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I plan on posting new material twice (2x) a month. If you pledge $5 per song, expect an average of $10 per month in pledges.

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At this level, I will be pursuing the purchasing of more authentic instruments for each war's time period. While classical guitar has been around for all of these wars, the cittern (similar to a lute) was prevalent pre-1790. Steel strings were just starting to circulate at the time of the Civil War, so a classical guitar is best suited for this time period. Small bodies 000 steel string guitars were popular during WWI. while dreadnought guitars were popular during WWII. That's just guitars! Major changes happened throughout these periods to pianos, snare drums, and general instrumentation. I would love to explore each period with the most appropriate musicals tools possible.
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