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About Warmal

Even after writing over ten novels worth of stories, I still consider myself new to the whole writing thing. I always want to put something out that people enjoy, find new, get an excited thrill, or even some heart wrenching sadness. Emotion and fun is what I try to bring out in each and every chapter, and supporting me will help me bring even more to the table. It'll give me the time that I've been spending in other areas to truly continue writing better and better chapters, and more frequently too. It'll help me even just a little bit in life, and help the characters grow in places even unforeseen to me. Every little bit helps and thank you so much for your consideration.

Currently Writing
Between Us; Rings
Lilo and Stitch finally get to relax with no more experiments or threats attacking their ohana! But quickly the two realize they have feelings for each other. They have to keep it a secret in fear of what everyone will think, but what is Jumba’s surprise for them upon hearing the news, and what happens when not only the rest of their family, but the world discovers their relationship?
Tears of a Blue Planet
For years, Stitch has scoured the galaxy. Taking down outlaws, pirates, rogues, and the likes. It should have been a mission like any other. But the planet reminds him so much of home. And the girl reminds him so much of her. Sometimes, you need to accept what's happened in order to truly live.
The Calling
Mertle's dad finally returns home, bringing with him a surprising gift. Are all the stories about Ouija boards just that? Stories? Or, when Myrtle and her friends play with one, does it actually bring out a real spirit? One that desperately wishes to be laid to rest. Desperate enough, to do anything to anyone who so disturbs it. Maybe not everything Weirdlo says is made up.
Hours Across the Battlefield
The war against the RODENTs was fought long and hard. Many casualties were during the struggle against an enemy that camouflaged as their own. We know that Stitch was victorious. But we don't know what happened during those hours of the final siege. Those who fought, those who one, and those who lost. Until now. Part 2 of the "Across The" series.
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