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I'm a passionate Software Engineer who loves Python. I have been coding since 2012
I like to share my thoughts & perspective with others. Write programming related stuff occasionally on medium: https://medium.com/@wasi0013/
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Apart from my profession, I love to sketch, play chess. Music & Photography also makes me enthusiast. I like to compose musics even though, didn't get my hands on any instruments yet (well, they are yet expensive for me)! I play virtually using different free software or web applications. From all the instruments I have attraction for violin & Grand piano. For my amusement, I have created an app I call it Phaser-Piano (Cause, I built it using Phaser Framework)  

Play online: https://wasi0013.github.io/Phaser-Piano
The code is Open Source and, under MIT License so you can use it for free! the way you like!
Available on Github:  https://github.com/wasi0013/Phaser-Piano
I wrote instructions on how to play it from your laptop/desktop as well, check out the source! That's not all! I have created a playlist containing all the musics that I have created using this. It is really tough to play piano using PC Keyboard. Pressing many keys simultaneously in different positions puts a lot of strains in fingers (Try it yourself ;) ) 
I hope to buy a grand piano some day so that, I can master it and play better musics! :)
The following piano solos are all played live using my laptop keyboards! Some of the keynotes are public on the github repository I mentioned earlier! So, you can play them  on your computer following those sequences of keys!

I also compose musics combining different software, here are some of my projects. These are all done in my vacations or, even in the break of exams! : 
Note: I play by my ears. Hence, the composition is solely depends on my feelings/moods.

I also love to sketch! Life is a road where we chase a race for surviving every moment. Its really hard to do things that you want to do when you are busy to do things that you need to do!
Your contributions will play a vital role in my life even if it just 1$ I highly appreciate it because, it will open up endless doors of opportunities for me. I will be able to spend more time on these things I love to do! This will also make room for creative thoughts.   
$3 of $180 per blog, music or sketch
I will upgrade my wordpress blog into Premium account with a custom domain.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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