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You get my thanks and a place in the donator list on my site and on the forum post.

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You get acces to a special patreon page with sneak peeks of my mods (which i wont post on twitter or anywhere else).
Also maybe sometimes videos. You also get an ingot in Forestry Extras 2 (1.7.2+) (Please send me a pm on minecraft forums or Patreon with the name you would want the ingot to be called)

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You get a Frame in Forestry Extras 2!

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About wasliebob

Hello guys as you might know i am wasliebob the creator of Modular Machines, Thaumcraft Extras (2), Forestry Extras (2), Forge Multipart Integration, MCTwitter and more.

I'm making Minecraft mods as a hobby, but it would be nice if i can earn a bit money doing so.
If you want to support me and my creations feel free to donate using patreon. i would really appreciate it a lot. I also have milestones and rewards setup, These are to reward patreons for supporting me.
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All my links will be direct so you wont need to go though those annoying ads anymore!
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