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is creating hosting Warfare server in Arma 2
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About -=[WASP]=- Warfare Arma 2 server


I'm Net_2 (also known as Ezcoo), the host of -=[WASP]=- Warfare server in Arma 2. I'm a poor person because of the various sicknesses that limit my life a lot. Running a heavy gamemode in a game like Arma 2 requires a high end server that costs money. That's why I'd ask you to help out with the server costs so that we can keep the server running. You'll be rewarded a special role based on your donation on Discord if you're a Discord user. Thanks in advance!

Have fun on the server! :)
$9 of $110 per month
To cover the costs of running a high end dedicated server to host the awesome -=[WASP]=- Warfare gamemode in Arma 2.
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