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Blogging about life, goals, God, and everything!  Well maybe not everything, I gotta have some privacy right?  Don't forget to sign up to by a patron!  The tumblerliveable will be a giveaway sign up.  So hurry up and get to clicking! And follow my on my instagram, twitter and snapchat @wassup_shorty.
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My goal in life is to share my life with others (to an extent as we all appreciate a little bit of privacy here and there).  With hopes that there are others that can smile, laugh and enjoy life with me virtually of course as I am not god who is omnipresent no matter where and when.  Call on his name in your heart and pray and he is there with you spiritually.  He hears you and if you have accepted Jesus into your heart, you are one step closer to an everlasting life in paradise with God.  
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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