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I'm a graphic designer based in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. I'm mid-career, and while things in my practice keep me busy, I've started thinking about what the future holds. My dream has always been to work in a more fine art or illustrative capacity. I used to be a daily drawer and maker, but over time those daily habits slowed to a crawl in favor of client work. I hate that fact, and while I do enjoy much of the work I do, I want to move towards getting back to my roots and creating more on a daily basis.

I've been a huge reader / collector of graphic novels for most of my life, and one of my deep desires is to start producing regular comics and graphic novels of my own. I've had sketchbooks and notebooks that I have diligently recorded ideas in over the years. It's time to begin shifting my focus so that I can bring some of those ideas to life.

As a graphic designer, I also work cross-discipline. I'm extremely interested in the design, arts, and tech fields, and as a part of that world, I work on a variety of projects from interactive to writing to illustrative. I simply want to create more for creation's sake, rather than having clients inextricably intertwined in the process and partially calling the shots.

I consider myself a beginner in all things, hence the name, "Watch Me Learn". That's precisely what I hope to do and I hope you will make the journey with me.
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Replacement of the monthly minimum salary for my family and I to survive (I keep things cheap. Truly). I'd be able to back off client work, focus on more personal projects including books, drawing, comics, design, writing, and more mailable / postable content.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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