is creating digital art, acrylic paintings and youtube videos
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About SoftLavannderKisses

Hi! my name is Ann and I'm a digital artist on Tumblr and a painter at heart. Ever since I was young I have always spent my free time watching artists on youtube or fangirling over my favourite artists on tumblr or instagram. 

Now that I am older I want to create. Art is a giant part of who I am as a person. I spend most of my time either doodling, painting or trying digital art on my computer. Building a spot for myself in the artist community is my lifelong dream and I want to create beautiful pieces of art that people will enjoy.

I am a student going into my second year of university for computer science and being a really expensive and intensive course I don't have time to work full time during the school year. Supporting me here will help me buy a new drawing tablet and art supplies so I can keep reaching my goal.

Thank you so very much for supporting my art journey via Patreon. I love and care about each of you. 
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