Iain Wood

is creating Novel Planning and Writing Software
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About Iain Wood


I have always wanted to write a novel. Hasn't everyone? 

In 2016 I sat down and started with a basic word processor, then a spreadsheet, then index cards, notebooks ...... it got very confusing. I played around with various pieces of software, but nothing scratched that itch.... So I decided to have a go myself.

Half the problem is getting all my thoughts organised properly. So I built what I wanted. Some friends of mine liked it - and the very first version of 'Wavemaker Cards' was born. 

It's grown a lot since then and is looking to grow further as I find new things to do and add to it

Wavemaker Novel Planning and Writing Software

My aims
  • I want it to be the most user friendly but useful piece of software out there for authors
  • I want to keep it Free
  • I want to keep it Active
To do that I need time, and I need YOU.

So if you like it and want to see more please support.

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