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About Tamarah Schanter

Hey There! I am a freelance writer and travel blogger who recently started traversing North America with my dog Juno (aka the reformed Chupacabra) in a cozy 20' travel trailer. If you haven't read my content before, I write personalized insights about the nomadic lifestyle without the fluff of "look how great my life is". I am hoping to show people the dirt and grit that comes alongside the stunning views and delicious food, when you travel full time.

I have wanted nothing more in my life than to be right where I am.  On the road and writing. I have been planning for this journey nothing short of 10 years and I am proud to say that I finally bit the bullet. 

As someone who has traveled alone regularly throughout her adult life I knew this would not be easy, but hopefully with the help and support from people like you I will be able to continue on and bring you fun and informative content along the way!  

It has taken a lot of planning, dedication, saving, researching, selling, buying and driving to get where I am right now but I am hoping the fans of my work will be interested in the additional goodies given here at Patreon! Hence, the exclusive content listed in the tiers!
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