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WHAT'S UP GUYS! If it's a dollar or two or anything else in between we are both appreciative and honored to have you guys along for the wannabeaboo ride. 

At this tier we will do bonus topics that's not found on our regular podcast and will be exclusive to members of the WBAcast and in doing so you'll also be personally recognized and thanked on the podcast live by name for supporting a couple of us weebs. 

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If you were brave enough to pledge to this then you definitely deserve it. 

As the title suggests those who pledge to this tier will not only have access to the bonus content we do off the air but will also have access to the month's adult animation series video review. 

This is to educate those about the variety of titles at your disposal and to expand you knowledge on different materials so to also educate others regarding the subject. Now the only rule is that patrons are to be of an appropriate age. Other than that let's take this trip. 




What's up guys we are the Wannabeaboo Podcast bringing you the latest and greatest Game & Anime News, reviews and waifus for laifu as well as opening up the discussion on this side of the internet.

Our names are Jomel Socorro and Jarron Gaddis and we're just a couple of old high school best friends that have always had one thing in common we raved about, Anime. So after a few years and going through school and jobs we decided to bring our love & hate relationship we have for the medium online for everyone to listen in on. We bring you weekly podcasts to the best of our ability and we hope you guys plan to stick with us further down the line.Whether you love us or rant on us, we welcome all that has a say for this community and we will be up for the challenge as we are the Wannabeaboos.



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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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