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Who Are You?

Hey everybody! I am the creator of the YouTube Videos on wbangcaHD, wbangca, wbangcatv.....and other channels focused on bringing you tips, strategies, opening and showcasing  in-game video game stuff!

Why are you on Patreon?

I really enjoy making videos for you guys and I think this can really help me continue.

What do I get out of this?

Well hmm, this is an option for those that enjoy what I do and feel like helping. It is like a "tip" for me. You can pledge $1 or whatever amount you want. With the extra dollar, I can continue to make the videos as well as improve on the quality of my videos with more content, new devices, faster internet, and other stuff. You can cancel or edit your subscription at any time.
Why are you doing this?

YouTube earnings is not very stable and a lot of what I earn also goes back into buying those "premium currency" in game so I can produce the videos for you guys. This also helps support the developers of the game so they continue to make new content for the game and keep the servers running so people can play for free.

For that reason some of the games that you may love have been discontinued (i.e, Mermaid World, Dragon Story, Jurassic Park Builder, Marvel: Mighty Heroes etc). With the extra support, I will be able to produce videos for more games.

Whether or not you decide to pledge anything each month, I want to thank you all.

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My internet is not fast enough to livestream most of the time. Your donation will help towards this goal on improving internet access.
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