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Hi, I'm William Freeman. I love to draw weird illustrations and comics. Ideally I'd like to create that sort of content full-time! If you like my work, you want to support me, or you're looking to give your money out arbitrarily then you're in the right place! My work is pretty weird, very dark, and at times even...humorous. If that's something you're into join my little community and get access to my crazy world! 

There are a wide range of ways that you, a concerned consumer can support my artistic endeavors, AND you'll get cool stuff out of it other than the warm-fuzzies of altruism (just like Ayn Rand predicted, that slimy twa-) COOL STUFF you say!? Like What!? I'm glad  you asked! For just a dollar you can see my patron only feed and you can tell your parents you're a part of something bigger than yourself! For $3 you can even see that feed earlier than those plebs in the $1 tier. At $5 you'll get a super-secret feed that those faux-elitists in the $3 tier can't get their grubby $3 eyeballs on! At the $10 level, I'll bundle everything up from that month into a zine with extra super-secret special images only in the publication and mail it right to you! $20 tier members call no man master! And as an added benefit of masterlessness they'll receive a one time merch exclusive to that tier. You can wear it around your $10 tier friends and make them feel like $1 tier members. And, whenever I release a new merch item I'll automatically ship one to you as long as you're still in the $20 tier! Finally, the $100 tier. Honestly if you're in this tier I don't even know what I could possibly do to say thank you and repay you...but I'll start by sending you a new original work every month, plus all tiers get their previous tier's reward, so you'll also receive the merch and the zine! 

All jokes aside any amount of support is greatly appreciated, and I hope that you feel you are getting something out of it. Thank you so much for even considering supporting me and feel free to share with anyone who you think would enjoy or benefit from my stream. 
$4.37 of $100 per month
At this stage I can basically pay for all of my arts supplies, from Adobe creative suite to paper and pens every month without having to take on as many commissions, freeing up a lot more time to work specifically on Patreon work. This will heavily increase the time I can spend on art that I can share with my patrons!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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