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For one dollar per month, you gain access to the threshold of the deep and winding catacomb that is our content.
You shall receive at least one well-written article on the nature of our games and stories, as well as a delightful monthly newsletter in your email, which will update you on our current schemes and ploys.
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The Door
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For two dollars per month you shall receive our articles and our newsletters, but you also open yourself to the liminal spaces. Should we begin a game, you will be among the first to know, with a cryptic message in your email.
You also gain your first look at our inner circle, with exclusive looks at content from games gone by - but only the good ones. Our dirty laundry is only to be seen by our closest confidants.

You also receive exclusive access to other immersive fiction projects, such as our ongoing Tales From Jones Hollow.

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The Key
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With Key in hand, you shall receive all that has come before, but now you may open the door. Those mysterious entities which enable these games and stories that we tell may contact you personally, through your messaging system of choice, with information about upcoming events. Starting at this tier, you will occasionally gain access to various pieces of world-building content separate from the projects themselves, as well as access to most of our original music. You are also cordially invited to our once-monthly round-table discussions in which you may ask us any question that we are permitted to answer.
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About WeARGames

We are games.
We are the stories which blur the lines between what is fiction, and what is reality.
And we offer this to you, dear Patrons, so that you may, through us, explore the breadth and depth of what lies in the liminal spaces, beyond normal human perception.

Each month, we publish a number of articles on the nature of our craft— namely, Alternate Reality Games. We do this so that you may get the most out of the games that we create; and, also, so that we may support you in your endeavors to create games of your own.

Should you decide to join us, we will teach you many things. The philosophy of fiction. The art and craft of creating and solving puzzles, codes, and ciphers. Perhaps we will even teach you something about yourself. There's only one way to find out.

Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/XsCfcfc
Purchase WARG merch: https://tinyurl.com/yasztf2d

You can now find details on all our current and past projects on the all-new WARG website, the domain and hosting of which was funded by our Patrons.
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At $500 per month, we would be able to better compensate our associates who play the roles to tell the tales that we spin. This would ensure higher quality performances of a broader scope.
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