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Hey thanks! I could by a doughnut with this much money, but I won't. Most likely.
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Now I could buy two doughnuts! Wow!
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You know what? You're awesome! Thanks a Million! (that's a million thank you's(That's a lot of thank you's))




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We may just look like a few kids with big ideas and wishful thinking, which we are, but that's not all of it. we also want to create music to help people. Music anybody can enjoy. If you donated to us, we would be able to make better quality music and video for our youtube channel Chance of Reign. Our goal is to help people smile, feel happy, or just feel something, the best way we know how. Your donation would mean a lot to us and it would certainly not be wasted.
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Like we said, we're teenagers. We don't have a lot of money, but we have a lot of ideas. While we try to make our dreams a reality, one dollar or more would really help us out.
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