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About Everlight Studios

Hello and Welcome!
We are Everlight Studios, a start-up animation company in Los Angeles run by two siblings. Over the last four years, we have been working full-time to pay bills and investing in the pre-production for our series out of pocket. 
It takes a lot of blood, sweat and legwork to get an animation show produced and we can't do this without you.

Everlight Studios aims to be inclusive both on and off-screen. Imagined, produced and directed by a woman-lead team, we're taking a hard look at what we can do differently. While the live-action world of entertainment is pushing towards diversity, the animation industry is going much slower and is still a 'one-size fits all' situation; and if you don't fit, you don't make it.

Why is that?
Because animation is EXPENSIVE. Like, sell-yo-soul expensive. There are rules and regulations that say what a show can and cannot have in its content. So money is guarded by lvl100 Bosses and even they have to jump through hoops to get the content approved to air on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and traditional networks.

How can we change it?
Only through you. By funding our own content we can bypass that process and bring something different to the screen. With your aid, we can create a new status quo for the animation industry and bring to life a story that will reflect the people who helped create it.

Our Project

In the vein of Avatar the Last Airbender and Transformers, Eventide Chronicles is a dark high-fantasy series aimed at those who love Japanese anime, western animation and sci-fi fantasy.

What will the rewards look like?
Behold! An example of the beautiful, stunning art you shall receive!

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  • Access to the patron-only activity feed!  You'll get sneak-peeks of illustrations,  product mock-ups, and the Monthly Art update. Early Access to the finished illustrations and products; along with exclusive Speedpaint videos.
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  • Access to the patron-only activity feed! 
  • Access to our Patron only Eventide discord channel
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A downloadable PDF of sketches, card designs, and the newsletter of progress on Eventide.


  •  Patreon only feed + Eventide Discord Server. 
  • 5% Discount in our store
  • Themed Monthly Art Update PDF
  • Vote on themes for the monthly update.
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At 50 patrons, we will release a Special Edition Poster that will be available in our store for patrons only.

You will also receive a one-time 40% off coupon which you can use on all merch in the store.

Please share us on the social medias to help us reach our Patrons Goal! The more friends you tell about us, the closer we get to making Eventide Chronicles a reality!
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