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Hey, we all start somewhere. There's no shame in your game! We're all an important part of the team and if a dollar is what you can do right now, then great! It's appreciated!
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All right! Look at you! Getting some varsity minutes is nothing to sneeze at. You get your name written in the big time playbook, so for that, you get a really nice We are Grantsburg branded pen. This is not a cheapie pen. No sir/ma'am. This pen will bring you instant credibility with your family and friends. 
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About Bob Rombach

I am so humbled and grateful to be able to bring you coverage of Grantsburg news, sports and community events. I do my very best to cover every event with excellence. I'm so thankful for the support of the community, both the businesses and the people, it's been amazing.

We are just getting started with this and your support is invaluable. Thank you for your monthly donation!
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Our first goal is to raise $150 a month. That money will be used to help pay for the software we use for the games.
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