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By supporting me with one dollar you will have gained a lifetime fan. I will forever be thankful to you and if we ever meet in person I will clean your smartphone screen for free!
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By supporting me with two dollars you will have gained TWO lifetime fans. Both me and my wife will be forever grateful to you. If we ever meet in person my wife will give you a haircut for free!
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Giving five dollars will really set you on a path to pure awesomeness. You have the spirit of generosity in you. Your legacy will forever be remembered in the Game Cave and if we ever meet in person a hug would not be totally wierd.




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About Weasel Bandit

Who is Weasel Bandit?
I started my YouTube channel back in February 2015. Mostly I have done gaming videos and Le'ts-Play's, but I have also begun to incorporate some of my other passions to my channel, like "Let's ask the Weasel" audio-book readings and other videos.
I also have a lot of other projects in mind that I would love to do but that I simply don't have the time for.

Why do I need your help?
Creating good content is time consuming. Creating great content is VERY time consuming. At the moment I am working 2 (almost 3) jobs to support my wife and me.
Your contributions would make it possible for me to quit one of my jobs and spend more time on creating great content.
$0 of $2,000 per month
With this extra money I'd be able to quit one of my jobs and be able to split my time evenly between my main job and my channel.
That would mean more videos, better quality and hopefully a more refreshed and funny me.
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